Thursday, February 4, 2010



Long time, no post... Right?

I'm so bad with having 2 things going at once. Two Twitters= Fail. Two Blogs= Epic fail. I hardly ever update this which is really bad, but I am going to try to update more often since a ton of things are changing in my life.

A lot of my Twitter girls know I have been on a health kick lately! I have to say that 99.9% of the reason I want to tone up is for me. I want to feel better about myself! But there is that .1% of me that wants to tone up so that people on YouTube and Formspring can't use my weight against me. Is that stupid?

I mean, those comments don't cause me to cry or starve myself... but they did give me a little push. You wouldn't believe how many comments I get a day telling me that i'm fat and no amount of makeup and Louis Vuitton bags will cover that up.

These people honestly have no lives and I truly believe karma will bite them in the booty. I believe that the type of energy (positive or negative) you put into the world is the type of energy you will receive. So I think all those people who feel the need to be rude, will get their share in the future :) SO KEEP ON HATIN' :)

That's all I wanted to say for tonight