Friday, March 12, 2010

My 'Animal' Mentality

So a lot of you have been asking me "Why do you care about animals so much?" and "How in the world can you feel more sympathy for an animal?!?!". This will basically be my story of how I got my mentality!

I remember it super clear. I was 4 years old, and driving back from my family's country house (like all my family in Canada). I was in my booster seat, sitting happy as a clam, and I saw one of those Ford trucks, you know the ones with a small front and long rectangular area to put things? Well in the open trunk, lay a Moose or a deer, i'm not sure. He was still alive. I was scarred for life.

From that day foward, I was all about giving a voice to those who couldn't speak. I was scarred by what I saw. The look in his eyes have haunted me forever. I know it sounds silly. Believe it or not, animals do have feelings and thoughts. They can feel pain, feel love, feel animosity. How is it right that cosmetic companies burn their skin, irritate their eyes, shave them? All for what? A lipstick? A mascara? So when some ignorant people say that i'm using Animal testing as an excuse not to buy drugstore products, i'm really not.

As for hunting, this is just my opinion. If you depend on hunting for substinence and living like the Aboriginals did, go ahead. It's your food. You aren't doing this for SPORT. But if you're doing this for fun, as a hobby, that is just plain sick and sadistic to me. Shooting an innocent animal to hang it's head on your wall is disgusting. Shooting a buck to put his antlers on top of your fireplace is repulsive.

I have always believed that Animals truly do have souls, thoughts, and emotions. I know that my Babies can sense everything. One thing I will never get is how a person could kick, burn, torture an animal for fun. I really don't!

Some AMAZING organizations to prevent animal cruelty: => Possibly my favorite show ever. These men are inspiring.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Instead of flooding the Twitter pages of many of my followers with tweets about haters, I decided to write one blog post! Read it if you want, but I won't be offended if you don't!

Many of you know that I am hated on, every single day by the 'anonymous' cowards. Every day. It doesn't hurt me at all, because I know who I am and what's true or not. Being called 'fat' really doesn't bother me. Being called a 'slut' doesn't affect me at all. Why? Because I know i'm not fat and I know i'm not a slut. If you knew me *really*, you would know that I am actually far from.

In all honesty, I pity these people. If they were truly happy with their lives and content with the life they're living, they wouldn't feel the need to put me down and hate on me. The only person who can make me feel bad about myself is me. I know who I am, and there is no way on God's green Earth that some anonymous idiots are going to hurt me. I am too strong for that.

These people must have:
1) No lives and they're jealous of me.
2) Weird, messed up lives.
3) A serious Psychological disorder.

I don't see how a person with proper and healthy psychological and mental health can gain happiness from saying mean words to someone. Really. They need activities and purpose in their lives.

Okay, i'm done venting :)