Sunday, January 10, 2010

This needs to be said.

Hey Dolls,

I think this post needed to be done sooner or later, and I figured why not do it today. I need to get this off my chest and I think a lot of people need to read this before they make assumptions about my life, financial situation, ect.

I have been receiving a lot of hate recently from people on which is basically a website where you can ask me anonymous questions. People have been calling me spoiled, a brat, a whore and all mean and nasty names.

I think these people are sad. I would have much more respect for you if you told this to me on your account and didn't hide behind the anonymous factor that formspring offers.

People are assuming that my parents are 'rich' and that i'm spoiled and get everything I ask for. People are assuming that my parents buy my makeup, high end hair products (Joico) and everything else I ask for. I am being completely honest here. I'm not going to lie and say my family is on welfare because we are not, but we are in no way 'rich'. We are well off, comfortable and happy but no where near drowning in money at all.

I have to say that my parents have done an amazing job at keeping us humble. One of the bars my family owns is in a bad part of town and I see (far too often) what it can be like to have no home, no money,ect. I am GRATEFUL even if some people think I am not.

Some of you know that someone burnt down one of my family's bars on purpose because they were jealous of his sucess and this past year has been extremely difficult. Not only did we have to re-build a huge bar but people are constantly trying to sabotage his success (stealing over $15,000, cutting wires,ect) and things have not been easy.

It is not right for you to assume that my parents are 'rich', my parents buy my makeup or that I am spoiled because I am not.

I buy all of my makeup, MYSELF. I buy my hair products, MYSELF.

I save my money. I get money from birthdays, holidays, baby sitting, chores, ect. Please keep in mind that I do not have to pay any bills, don't owe any money, don't own a car, ect, so that really helps. All the money I make, I can spend on what I want.

My parents and I are firm believers in rewards for good jobs. Some of you know the deal I made with my Mom if I get over 85% on my report card. People are torturing me with rude comments about this, as well as other things. I am done with this. You don't like it... don't read it. Not my problem.

I am done with people writing rude comments and questions on formspring. Please grow a pair and ask on your own account.

Another thing:

There is this rumor going around that I do not like a certain guru. I have NEVER said I do not like her. I just do not like some things that she does (lies) and the fact that she is lowering herself just to make money off of anything. It is my opinion and everyone is allowed to have one.

Sorry that this post was kinda mean, but it needed to be said.


  1. you go girl. stand up for yourself. you did nothing wrong. no one has the right to even accuse you of several of the things you address! i support you 100%, dont let anyone get ya down

  2. I'm very proud that you wrote thi!You know the truth and you know your intentions so pay no mind to the hateful people out there =)

  3. i cant believe people can be that mean, they should put themselve in your shoes before saing mean things becuase noone likes to hear them. you are you and a lot of people like you for that, for being mature, beautiful and great, a lot of people can relate to you, you are a very strong teen that doesnt let this mean comments affect you like other would, you still make videos and laugh about the mean things they write.....You are awesome!!
    i support you and love your videos 100% too

  4. you are one of my favorite people to watch on youtube, and i love your videos. =)

    "bye everyone" ::wave wave wave::


  5. well said


    people shouldn't say crap, especially when they don't even know you!


  6. I don't understand why people are always making assumptions about people they don't know...

    Well put, Allie! <33

  7. Hey Allie! Just wanted to tell you that I supported you 100% When I was that age, I saved my money too, and spent it on what I want, as do most people that age. Don't take it to heart. As far as the "guru" situation.. I agree with you, and who the hell cares about it? Its your opinion!! Shake it off miss lady and continue to have a wonderful and beautiful day!! xoxoxox

  8. this says it all:
    i was such a fan until this...
    but i still support you allie...
    now i know what you mean. and everyone should too.